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Update: April 4/ 2013   Can't believe how far we have come!


Awesome moment!

Faith Sherman's Creative Thinking Facebook Page

My girl is so talented... Socially and creatively this is awesome! How I love my girl... She wants to express herself.... :) ... Who would ever say no to that... I love the poster she made herself... She said "Even Autistic kids want to believe..."... Beautiful girl... She not only has her own personal Facebook page but also a Artist  Page - Named above if you would like to go follow the link... she wants to be able to share her opinions, her art, anything she wants to say, anything to the autisitic community, drawings, games or anything things she builds.  Amazing young lady I have there.  I would say I am lucky!



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Our Mission: 

To give parents someone to talk too who understand - other parents of children with Learning/ Language Disabilities that have not been diagnosed yet. Community Support for all.

We are not doctors or counselors we are just friends who have been through a lot too.


It could be a yet to be diagnosed learning/ language disability, waiting for appointments, testing and busy doctors can leave you waiting, alone, scared, mad and many emotions.  We want to listen and support you.  Tomorrow is always another day - there is strength in telling your story and hearing your not alone.  We will never turn away from our friends!

My husband and I have been fighting for 8 years with all the ups and downs and found out 4 years ago my daughter had a learning disability.  For the past 4 years, we have been fighting to get into specialists, doctors and professionals, waiting and hoping for a diagnosis.  In that time, my husband and I have felt so very alone.  We would reach for organizations, for others who understood but most times we would be told until we know for sure they could not help us.  Without diagnosis there would be no help.

My husband and I decided we needed support and friends - so we started this website in hopes to make a community of support for all. 

Faith was finally diagnosed with "Higher Form Autism - with a Learning Disability in Math and Language".  Years of waiting all boiled down to a one hour session.  

When she said the words, "Autistic" all of a sudden doors of help opened up for us.  Ton's of waiting lists, paperwork..Where were they yesterday - the day before?  All I know is that they are here now.. but the road is still long in front of us.. where will it all lead?  Please join and lets support each other in our journey or just feel free to follow or read our forum.  We have many who follow our forum and we tweet and facebook daily!  

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or Facebook search: PADF - Parent Awaiting Diagnosis Need Friends
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