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I can't believe the changes that have been happening over the last few months.  I have been running and busy.  Faith with problems off and on.  She is working with a behaviouralist from CHEO.  I do not qualify for IBI as she is too old and I would not want to uproot her school now anyway.. she would be too upset with that.  When they called they were rude to me and I turned them down flat.  I love our behaviourlist, she is amazing.  She is doing amazing things for Faith.  We do have ABA coming up, they but we will see.  Teena is doing so well with her.. who knows.  She is teaching me so much.  We are working on a reward program for her right now.  She is doing really well.  I hope it continues.  I faught for Faith and got her into Emerging Minds too and she is being checked by a Psychiatrist too and the OCTC again because of her mood swings and drespression and sadness occasionally.  I am sure it has to do with the changes in school since september.  They are still not finished her new school.  I knew it would not be ready in January.  I will be surprised if they are ready in September of next year.  I am just focusing on her state of mind more then anything.  I have to keep myself healthy too to help her.  I have been having depression myself and trying to not have to rub off on to the kids.  Just keep putting on the smile, keeping on the meds and getting through everyday.  Im usually too busy to think too much... most days.  My kids keep me going.. they know how to make me laugh just when I seem to need it.  After 9 years of fighting, advocating and hauling my child around - fighting for answers.... sometimes, its just hard.  I guess somewhere I don't know what I was thinking inside was I supposed to get the diaganosis and "ahhh" (the sound of angels) it would all be ok and it would all be fixed or all ok or something.  lol... guess we all have that dream somewhere down deep dont we... but they hand us all the paperwork, give us just double the appointments, sometimes triple the appointments and get us running all over the place.  Making schedules, therapys, reward programs, reading information.... its never ending. 

Some days i'm just so tired... just keep thinking im not alone, i'm not alone.. there are many more of us out there with worse issue than me...


Karen Sherman

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