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Faith did very well at her xray today.  

I sure saw faith autism today in that test... Laying on that table... She's 9... Looking so big, but the stress making her make baby noises, doing what she was supposed to and calling out making her noises and hand flapping in excitement knowing we took a picture of her insides...she honestly reminded me of closer to Haileys age...3...regardless I love her dearly.

At her age now it gets harder to see her without struggle sometimes and look again and see such a change to not knowing if I'm addressing a 9 year old at the moment for something's or a 3 - 5 year old.  I just try to always treat her the same... With lots of love.  Nothing is wrong with it at all, it's just weird to see her looking so big now and having these issues.  She's almost as big as me... When she has an autistic fight with me it can leave bruises..I learn to duck now!

She sure is a beautiful girl, but now comes more confusing areas - growing, menstration... Wow.   


Karen Sherman

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